Million Dollar Smile Candy

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These superfood-packed candies give you pleasure and fun, while boosting your gorgeous smile! They are sweetened with natural xylitol, not sugar. Dentists often give out xylitol candy because, by raising the mouth's pH to a more alkaline state, they help to control cavity-causing bacteria. Matcha is ceremonial, concentrated green tea, with antioxidant, energy and metabolism-boosting benefits. Matcha is also known for its benefits for gums and periodontal health, recommended by dentists in Japan. This sparkling green candy is here to light up your million dollar smile!

Nutritional Info and Ingredients: We hand-make these candies with your health in mind. Vegan. Gluten-free. Natural flavorings. No corn syrup or artificial colors. Ingredients: GMO-free Xylitol, Organic Matcha, Organic Essential Oils including peppermint

About Xylitol: Xylitol is a natural sweetener, present in the fibers of many plants including berries, oats, beets, sugar cane and birch. It has a low GI value of 7, meaning it has little effect on blood sugar levels and insulin. It is therefore seen as a useful alternative for those seeking low glycemic nutrition. It contains 40% fewer calories than sugar, only 2.4 calories per gram. It doesn’t directly contribute toward the growth of intestinal yeasts or Candida. Please note: Like chocolate, xylitol is toxic to dogs. Please keep candy away from your pets. In large quantities, it can have a mild laxative effect, causing digestive discomfort. For more information, see here:

Quantity: 12 candy jewels

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